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In recent years, we have been working with the Hazard Mitigation Planning Committees and County Emergency Management Agencies in Alabama for Chambers County, Blount County, Baldwin County, Mobile County, Tuscaloosa County, Marshall County and Fayette County to update their multi-hazard mitigation plans.    .

Multi-Hazard Mitigation


Established in October of 2000, Lehe Planning, LLC delivers customized services designed to fully meet each client's needs. We give local governments and agencies access to professional planning and project management services. Our extensive experience across public sector organizations assures responsiveness to a community's planning, project development, funding, and implementation demands. 

Our firm has assisted with local mitigation planning since its founding in 2000.  We have helped over 115 communities participate in 21 county-wide, multi-jurisdictional plans covering well over half the population of the State of Alabama. Additionally, we have developed specialized planning and feasibility studies for mitigation project development. and floodplain management plans and ordinances. 

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